Making shapes and shadows

To kick off the blog, here is the first of many awesome things i’ve done this year. Waaay back in January (which already seems like ages ago. Scary) myself and fellow dancer Neil Hainsworth were asked to dance for newly formed band Beauty Sleep in their new song The Dark.It was such a fun collaboration. A laid back day filled with great craic and great people. Creative juices were let loose and we were given the freedom to just dance along to the song. Not hard to be inspired when you’re listening to a song that you genuinely love.

Thanks ever so much to the band: Aimee Williamson, Cheylene Murphy and Ryan McGroaty for having us on board. The unreal footage you can feast your eyes on was filmed by another talented Belfast musician and videographer Brendan Seamus (BeeMickSee) and Niall Lawler.

It’s a beautifuly dreamy song with some seriously cool visuals to go with it! Enjoy!


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