Glowing in the dark

Today I got to rock out in another music video. This time for a French DJ (I don’t know anymore yet, we didn’t have the song to dance to today) Filmed by Thaliiâ. Behind Thaliiâ is the talented and ever professional Solène Guichard.

We were holed up in the dark at the Spectrum Centre North Belfast which has a lovely dance studio with ballet bars and mirrors. Used to full advantage. I was just having a grand old time rocking up to the studio for a bit of dancey dance when i’m suddenly getting chased by something… Cue Weihong a dancer trained in traditional Chinese fan dance. A glow in the dark battle ensues and we both got to dance our socks off covered in glow paint. It was the craic, i’m looking forward to seeing the final video, it may be a month or so away but i’ll keep you updated and post more about it then!

Today was class, i love that this is my job.



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