2017 has well and truly begun

Right so I never did the new year new me all that jazz, i’ve been super busy / very unsure as to where this year was heading. I have now got some seriously cool things happening and it is time to keep you updated!
∙ January: Taught, performed and trained at the Western Australian Circus Festival run by Lunar Circus best three weeks of my life.
∙ February: Adelaide Fringe kicked off. I got to hang out with my super cool mentor (read about it here) Tessa Waters. I saw a million fringe shows spanning all genres. It was a ridiculously inspiring month and I met so many talented people.
∙ March: Well look I just went and moved to Melbourne, basically I’ve run away and joined the circus and the rest of Australia’s creatives who all apparently live here.
∙ April: Still living in Melbourne, I’ve decided to up skill and have joined a part time dance course at The Space. I get to do a range of classes each morning, keeping me at my peak. In my spare time you can find me training hard (most of the time) at NICA.
∙ May: This is where it gets exciting! I have a residency at Leigh Warren Dance!!!!!!! Mega chuffed and still can’t quite believe i’ve been given the opportunity! Read a little more here.

That is 2017 so far for me, it is still early days yet. So many new and wonderful people have come into my life and I am ready to get the creative juices flowing and make some really cool stuff! I also got my self into gear and made a new show real, check it out and stay tuned…



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