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Ryan Darwin – Performer (Blindful, My Sight – Their Sight)

Ryan Darwin, a self-trained artist, who once threw a pair of tomatoes up in the air and has never come down since. A worldly traveller from a young age, he believes you can find a way even in the most adverse circumstances to reach your destination – even if you’re lost 99% of the time. Ryan is a quirky, driven performer who uses a combination of juggling, Rola Bola, corde lisse and handstands to create moments of beautiful simplicity. His aim – to present circus at a human level, and enjoy the darkness along the way.

Romain Hassanin – Performer (My Sight – Their Sight)


Romain is an Australian-based independent dance and movement artist interested in the interconnectedness between movement disciplines and how their cultures and approaches are different yet still strikingly similar. Currently, his focus is on blurring the gap between contemporary and break dance ‘styles’ and finding the connections between the two disciplines.

His roots began in Parkour, Free running, Capoeira and breakdance, with an overall curiosity and passion for movement leading to exploring contemporary dance, popping and animation, gymnastics and martial arts tricking. Romain is also a Parkour instructor with the Australian Parkour Association and United Art of Movement and is continually exploring potential for new movement.


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