Blindful (Melbourne Fringe)

We are performing at Melbourne Fringe Festival 2017!

Professional dancer, Abbie Madden (Ponydance), explores the ins and outs of a not-so-obvious disability. Teaming with Ryan Darwin (NICA), they create a quirky and atmospheric interpretation of the relationship between being sighted and not sighted – exploring shifts in power, poignant moments and pure physicality. Can someone who is fully sighted, move and dance as if they have never had their sight; and can someone who has had their sight removed exhibit the freedom and confidence as if they still do? These are some of the questions addressed throughout the performance. Showing that a lack of sight is not a block to approaching physical expression, but merely an obstacle that needs to be circumnavigated with specific tools and methods.

Where: SKYLAB – Dancehouse (150 Princes Road, Carlton North)
When: Wednesday 13th – Sunday 17th September
Time: 6.30 pm





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