Won An Award!!

Wow hello world, hello admin, hello catchup, hello emails…

As if Melbourne Fringe was 3 months ago… anyway it happened, it was done! We had more and more audience each night which is a huge success for our first fringe show. There were challenges, being the boss and having to deal with all the production, communication, admin, rehearsing and making the show became quite a lot. There were tears and there were big smiles and at the end of it a fringe show! Which only went and won a BLOODY AWARD!!

Blindful (me) Abbie Madden won Best Emerging Producer at Melbourne Fringe 2017. The award was presented by Laura Milke-Garner of Milke and sees us getting six months worth of mentoring by the legend and producer that is Laura! Its going to be a great six months and we are ready to soak up and learn all that we can! Here are some great pictures, still can’t believe we won!

Winner winner chicken dinner (Laura Milke-Garner presenting the award)
Can’t quite believe it!


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