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Guess who has joined the wonderful, exciting, scary world of fundraising… we have! Thought we would go out and opt for the lush looking Australian Cultural Fund to help us get to New Zealand! We launched our ACF campaign and have until the 13th of May to raise as much as we can. The exciting thing about this is we are part of Creative Partnerships Australia’s (CPA) MatchLab 2018. Through this wonderful program any money we fundraise is matched dollar for dollar by the wonderful people CPA!

Our campaign is live on the Australian Cultural Fund website, go have a look here!

We are currently fundraising for a two week development of My Sight – Their Sight at Circus Oz in May as part of their Sidesault program, then on to a season at the delightful BATS Theatre in Wellington New Zealand in August.

“My Sight – Their Sight provides both audience and physical performers an insight into what it is like without sight. Three highly trained interdisciplinary performing artists work to explore how the human body can move and interact when sight is compromised. How would you adapt when blindfolded? Would you rise to the challenge or trip over your own feet? MSTS shows the audience how movement, dance, and circus can transcend something that most of us take for granted – SIGHT.”

In New Zealand our aim as well as presenting the show is to deliver accessible dance and circus workshops to the local communities. We do need your help to get there. Any help you can offer is well and truly appreciated. If you would like to know more please get in touch.

With thanks to the Creative Partnerships Australian, Australian Cultural Fund, Circus Oz and BATS Theatre.





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