Heya, welcome to blindful! Blindful is a creative outlet and artistic venture. It comes from being curious about dance and circus and about sight. It is focused around eyesight and vision or it could be purely dance and circus. Whatever the case get involved, ask questions, challenge things, collaborate and let’s just make art.

Blindful represents making dance and circus accessible to anyone and everyone.

Behind the blindful is me Abbie Madden. Originally from Adelaide, Australia but now making shapes in sunny (not) Melbourne. My interest in sight comes from being born with congenital glaucoma and living with the other conditions it resulted in. I’ll leave it at that, for now…  because it has made me curious which is a good thing.  Curious about how it’s affected me personally as a dancer… but also how does your eyesight affect dancing or circus in general? Thats the focus for now, but i’m sure it’ll change and develop as I change and develop as an artist.

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