My Sight – Their Sight


The Show

The concept of MSTS – is to challenge the physicality of those already highly trained in a physical discipline by removing their sense of sight. Basic skills like balance are tested when sight is taken away, so it begs the question; how fast can they move and throw themselves around when they haven’t got depth perception to rely on? Are they prepared to launch themselves at someone who is blindfolded and trust them to catch them whilst blindfolded? My Sight – Their Sight, is about evening out the playing field and creating an understanding between those who are sighted and those who are not. The consequence of removing their sight is they must rediscover their discipline by figuring out new methods to approach and execute their technique confidently. Circus and dance should not be restricted by physical boundaries. They simply need be altered, changed or adapted to suit a state which supports a lack of sight. To represent the ideas that are explored in the work, the performers are blindfolded almost entirely throughout the piece. This enables them to challenge their physicality, encourage use of their other senses, orientate themselves in a room or stage, plus rely on touch and verbal cues.

Our question is: Can someone who is fully sighted, move and dance as if they have never had their sight and, can someone who has had their sight removed, have the freedom and confidence as if they still do? By investigating these topics, we will gather evidence to develop and assist people with disabilities within communities. This will make movement, dance and everyday activities more accessible and show that a lack of sight is not a block to approaching physical expression, but merely an obstacle that needs to be circumnavigated with specific tools and methods.



  • BATS Theatre, Wellington New Zealand 31st July – 4th August 2018


  • Perth Fringe World Festival February, 8th – 25th (not 12th or 19th) 2018
  • Western Australia Circus Festival, January 26th – 28th 2018
  • Gasworks Circus Showdown Heat 1 – Thursday 10th August 2017 @ Gasworks Arts Park
  • Gasworks Circus Showdown Grand Final – Saturday 12th August 2017 @ Gasworks Arts Park



Cast: Three performers (Abbie Madden, Ryan Darwin, Romain Hassanin)
Tech Specs: One rigging point (Aerial Rope)
Running Time: 45 Minutes (20 minute version is also available)
Keywords: Circus, dance, family friendly, blindfolded, parkour, skateboarding