Short – Sighted

Two people stand in the ocean in front of a vivid deep orange, red and yellow sunset. One person is standing on the shoulders of the other arching back. They are in profile and in silhouette
Stills shot by Jordan Reynolds

Prompted by a question on accessibility, my relationship to my disability and our overall view on the environment I presented this short dance film titled Short – Sighted.

In the literal sense, I am short-sighted – but we, as a society, are short-sighted in our ideas for fixing this planet. Our idea of what is helping the planet and affecting change is so focused on the right now and the immediate. We are looking at what is in front of us: pick up that piece of rubbish, recycle those products, grey-wash your clothes. But what can we achieve if we look further away, further into the future? Hold close those nearby, and work towards that distant focus.


Performers: Margot Mansfield and Abbie Madden
Choreographer: Abbie Madden
Videographer: Bonnie Paku
Still Photography: Jordan Reynolds
Curated by Two Degrees, The Other Film Festival and Arts Access Victoria.

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This project was in conjunction with The Other Film Festival, Two Degrees and Arts Access Victoria. Read more here.

Photography by Jordan Reynolds
Photography by Jordan Reynolds